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Warm Welcome From Geeka!!!!!!  

Today’s Topic is going to be about Motor Planning  

I hear somebody saying that’s a new term for me

Surely it is going to be new especially to parents  

Play is going to be the occupation for the child( sometimes that’s needed for us also)

Just think what happens to a child when it is not moving or playing

Lack of movements stores all the energy and makes the child to be hyperactive

The brain commands the mind to do things systematically .This will improve the eye movement to be focused, also there will be activation of muscles, joints and organize information in the brain.

image 3a

To stabilise this phase, Motor Planning, mainly the Gross motor skills and Fine motor skills equip the child to be active and stay in reality for even more time.

Through these activities, the child performs the task without clumsiness and also throws away the fears of jumping, swinging, and playing around. Once they sweat, there will be good appetite and deep sleep. The Child will gain the better sense of center of gravity and the rhythm of various movements.


By practicing this, the level of confusion will reduce and the child can do things independently. There will be improvement in completing the new task, proper attentiveness and good progress timely response.


The Positive social experience occurs gradually in Child’s life.

Bye Bye till our next meet 🙂














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