Struggle to teach new words……there is a way

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Today’s topic is going to help lots of YOUNG mothers who struggles lots to teach new vocabulary  to their learning buds(kids)

images 2 a

If your child have vocabulary problems or your child  have trouble  in learning new words if you  are in need of solution for this …………..


Go  thro’it

Easy and Trouble-free  method

I can hear lots of parents saying yes we are in need of this………….. LOL!

Then How to teach?

Level one: Select a word

image 4a


One word at a time

Select vocabulary which you use frequently in his daily routines.

Target words should be frequently used.

Level Two:Make the child understand the target words.


Thro’ pointing

Find out objects from choices

Give rewards immediately

Try out with different materials

Speak in single words rather than a sentence.

Say many times





7 a





Level three:

Make the child to speak new words


Keep the objects out of reach to stimulate target words to speak

Little prompt

Say the first sound

Stick with Target words

Use sign language or gestures as clues

Say it loud

Encourage what is this question

10 a







16 a




17 a


6 a



























……So this brings us to the end of today’s post peeps, until next time..

much love ❤ , good vibes 😉  from Geeka ❤

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