Whoa… Put Me Down! I’m Falling!

Gravitational Insecurity 

Hi People,

Warm welcome from Geeka after a break

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I wanted to use today’s blog post to answer some of the many question we are receiving about gravitational insecurity….

So this post is designed to answer many of those questions…..

Today’s topic is about Gravitational Insecurity

gravitational-insecurity-vestibular-pinterest 1

Is that going to be interesting? any guesses…………….

Surely yes…………………. ❤

What is it

It refers to an excessive fear of ordinary movement, being out of an upright position, or having one’s feet off the ground.

How the child reacts..?

image 4 a

 Is there any way to overcome..? 

Yes….We have somethings to notice…

Listen to your child

Pay attention to your child’s fears and be a careful observer of their reactions.

image 5a

Try to identify this issue as early as possible

image 11a

 Get an Occupational Therapist

image 10 a

Evaluation done by a qualified professionals who is familiar with Sensory Processing Disorders/Sensory Integration Dysfunction.

How Occupational Therapist deal with this?

image 8a

Sensory Integration Therapy is commonly used to treat gravitational insecurity. By providing your child with graded vestibular information, he can learn to process information more effectively. 

Sensory experiences are introduced slowly and gradually so your child does not perceive these experiences negatively.

What You Can Do


Physically guide them through activities like sliding, climbing, and swinging.

Introduce Role- Play.

Introduce new activities gradually.

Stop the activities if you feel over stimulated or frightened………


That brings us to the end of today’s post ….. 🙂

Untill next time…..

Much love .. ❤

Good vibes from Geeka….


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